Spirals and Squares

Sometimes I work for attention
Not because I believe it will help
Or lead to successful endeavors

Rather, I crave attention
To be seen as better than expected
Or more worthy of attention than others

I abhor myself
My longing for validation
The fact that I must hear
“Great job!” “You did well!”

To know that I am doing well
Rather than assessing my own
Perseverance and worthiness

There’s something inside me that longs
For approval and rejects critique
But I work to achieve great things
To be unique

Yet here I am, a wondering poet
And I search and I scratch
To understand and clarify

What’s inside
What fuels me
Who …
Who Am I?

I don’t want to be this petty
Sniveling girl
Who cries for attention
Who begs for more time

To understand my intentions
Would take a great psychiatrist
So I simply pour it on paper
Technically, I Write


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